These are the current ideas we have, there will be more and some of these may get dropped. We may choose to develop them out of order too. If you'd like to be kept up to date please signup to the beta invite. Right now, we don't know what will be paid for and what will be free. Most things will be free, the paid for options are likely to be where we are using a lot of storage or processing power and need to cover our costs.

If you have any ideas, let us know!

To keep with the theme of genealogy we'll be calling each milestone a 'generation'.

Generation 1 - Basic trees

  • Site design (mobile friendly) - Hopefully we'll be able to invite the public to participate in the selection of our logo and design.
  • Database - ArangoDB, a hybrid graph database which is well suited to the data we'll be storing.
  • User accounts - Create end user accounts and the whole account management process.
  • Error and performance tracking - Background task, we need to see if anything is going wrong as things grow.
  • Tree import - Ability to import test sets of family tree data.
  • Tree creation - Create family trees visually using the web site.
  • Tree export - Export your current tree to a standard data file.
  • Search - Basic at first but also identifying what types of search we'll be adding (place, names etc.).
  • Search engine friendly pages - Outputting the tree in a format that can be found and read easily.
  • Infrastructure review (backups, availability) - Making sure all of your data is held in duplicate, in different places.
  • Feature voting - A small sub system for registered users to vote for the features they want.
  • Open source licence - Subject to finding a licence that works for the business we'll be open sourcing as much as we can.

Generation 2 - Apps everywhere

  • Application Programming Interface (API) - We'll have developed the API in the first generation and will look at opening it up to registered users here. This will enable the development of...
  • Mobile apps - These will use the API to access the same database that the web uses. Initially only family tree editing.
  • Custom domain names / white label - Your own website, without any mention of but run for you as a service.

Generation 3 - DNA

  • DNA profile matching - Matching against other trees with your uploaded DNA profiles.
  • Visualisations - Making it easy to find potential genetic matches without needing to understand the science.

Generation X - The future

  • Four dimensional intelligence - This is where it all started, making the research easier. I'll explain in a future post.
  • Location intelligence - Using Machine Learning to figure out place names.
  • Redesign - The initial web site will have grown a lot, do we need a makeover?
  • Peer research - Big topic for another post.
  • Visualisations (more) - Another big topic.
  • Image analysis - Photo face matching and intelligence.
  • Localisation - The site, but not in English.
  • Cross platform server - More of a design goal, this is for nerds really.
  • Automated tree synchronisation (import / export) - Make sure your research stays in sync with the other web sites out there.
  • Email delivery - Review our email provider to ensure as much as possible gets through.
  • Plugins - Are plugins needed if we already have an API?