Logo contest

While I've been working behind the scenes with the database, Christina has been running a design competition for our first logo.

We'd love your feedback on the ideas generated. So if you'd like to see the designs and vote for one, click the contest link at the bottom.

We chose to use one of the 'design contest' formats because we wanted to see what ideas we'd get as opposed to having a single design agency present a limited set of ideas. We also don't have the budget for a full on design process right now, we will probably revisit the design when we do.

Update: We did previously have a link here to the design competition, but I've removed it because they sent a snotty email asking us to (we are not on-topic enough for them). I wouldn't normally bother, but I don't want to give them any good publicity.

So if you need a logo designing, don't go to DesignHill.com.